Immune-Tree first-milking colostrum is a powerful dietary aid for promoting great health. This quality first-milking colostrum product helps quench your appetite, promotes energy, improves immune health, and enhances overall sense of well being. To date, over 80 different compon- ents have been isolated from firstmilking colostrum products, such as Immune Tree.


These work together synergistically to produce the profound healing, health maintenance and rejuvenation support that only first-milking colostrum can provide.


The biologically active components in complete first-milking colostrum can be divided into categories based upon the health aspect where they exert their greatest influence. As we go through the discussion of what these substances do, you will see that in some cases the functions of these components can be clearly separated into such categories, while, in many cases, the dividing line is not as clear.


The major categories are the immune factors (immune helpers), growth factors (tissue repair helpers), and metabolic factors. Let’s look at each to gain a greater understanding of the diverse benefits to be received from a quality first-milking colostrum product.